Learn about the amazing work of one man who applies many of the principles of magnetics for the purpose of locating just about anything, even if it is hundrededs of feet below the surface.We don't quit playing because we grow old; we grow old because we quit playing. - Ernest Holmes
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Using Magnetics to locate Valuables

It is fun to share information about BioMags, or BioMagnetics with all of our readers. However, in this case, we're able to go much further, sharing with you information about a special gentleman, Robert Shrewsbury who actually applies the principles of BioMagnetics in his work. We are especially fascinated by his ability to locate things that are buried, sometimes hundreds of feet down.

Robert has given his life to developing and improving technique for finding things, from Spanish pieces of eight to plants to lost jewelry.

Learn about the amazing work of one man who applies many of the principles of magnetics for the purpose of locating just about anything, even if it is hundrededs of feet below the surface.

Robert has developed an electronically enhanced system that some think is dowsing because he uses dowsing looking antennas that apparently let him pinpoint seen or unseen objects. He often uses his talents to help find objects of value.

Finding things has not always been easy for Robert. In his earlier work, he worked with a number of technologies including sine wave generators, resistivity machines, EM 83, cavity resonators, and more recently, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. “I always believed that there was a better way to more accurately define elements at a great distance and depth or from the surface of the ground.”

Robert is also a precious metal assayer and operates his own assay laboratory, www.terrafirmaassayers.com

This has helped his research over the years because he was able to take home samples he had found in the field and discover and document the element composition which was consistent with his detection readings.

Robert is also a self-proclaimed amateur Archeologist, saying “I've always enjoyed dabbling in amateur archeology and have traveled from Alaska to Costa Rica. I enjoy ancient history and enjoy learning about other civilizations from the ancient past.” He has a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Theology in Native American studies.

His rates are reasonable, only charging $1000 per day plus expenses, and a percentage of the value of the find. The percentage can be negotiated.

Robert has been quite successful over the years with everything from helping land owners search for valuable deposits or the best place to drill for water. If you are looking for something valuable, give Robert a call at 253-686-0135 or email him at: .

Please be sure to check out the Testimonials page on his site.


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